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Stop talking about next year.

I know. It's been a crazy year. I'm sure your day to day life, family and work has been impacted in ways you never thought possible. 

But I'm tired of hearing people say...

'This year is a waste'

'Ok well next year should be better' 

'2021, that will be my year' 

'This year is a write-off' 

We're in the 4th Quarter. You have 3 months left in 2020 to make the most of what has been a very stressful and difficult year. No one grows without challenge, rise to it! 

7 Days To Fuel Your Comeback

Over the next 7 Days I'm going to share an incredible amount of resources so that you can get your groove back and COMMIT TO ACHIEVING SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT before the end of this year. Whether it's a personal or professional goal, we're going to make it HAPPEN! We'll focus on 1 theme every day for 7 days, with resources, action items and accountability to get you making progress every day. 

Day 1: Use Your Best Ideas

There's genius inside you but you're not giving yourself the freedom to let it out. 

For some reason we leave innovation, discoveries, advancements and great ideas to 'others'. 

Maybe you think you're not creative, maybe you tried once and failed, maybe you're worried about how much work it will take. 

Your challenge today is to look at any area of your life, and come up with 10 unique ideas that could improve it. 

Yes it has to be 10. No they won't all be good ideas.

Maybe you've been slacking as a partner or parent, come up with 10 ideas for how you can be more present while showing love and support.

Maybe you've spent Covid on the couch eating cake. Maybe your business needs an overhaul. Maybe you need to practice smarter. Maybe you need to network better. Maybe you can come up with 10 ideas for your employer, clients, product, community.

Listing 10 will be hard, that's the point. Some of your ideas will suck. That's ok, you're building a muscle. Take out a piece of paper and don't stop until you have 10 ideas. You're one idea away from creating an entirely different life.

BONUS TIP: Use a HOW question to frame your idea list.

Eg. How could I be an amazingly supportive parent to my daughter, while allowing her to develop her independence?

Expert Resources:


Originals - Adam Grant

Idea Machine - James Altucher

Made To Stick - Chip & Dan Heath

The War of Art - Steven Pressfield


Send your list of 10 ideas to [email protected] and share as much or as little as you want. 100% confidential. If there's any way I can help you/your ideas succeed I will! 

Interview Excerpts: 

I recently did an interview where we talked about 3 IDEAS that have impacted my career: 

1. Why I listen to my wife, and what Andre Agassi has to do with it.

2. The future (and effectiveness) of an online learning hybrid model.

3. Players bulking up in pro golf and the role of the neuromuscular system.


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What is High Triplexity Squad?

This is what Bernie had to say:

“The High Triplexity program and The Squad was absolutely outstanding. An eight week program unlike any other, a weekly online Zoom call with highly motivated Squad members and Coach Glass. We were able to email our exercises in and have them critiqued by Coach Glass during these calls, a big plus. I recommend this program to anybody motivated to improve themselves.”

Day 2: Acts of Courage

When most people picture courage they think of soldiers in battle or firefighters running into a burning building.

Few of us can relate to that. I want you to consider 2 acts of courage you can take TODAY that will dramatically transform your life. 
The first is to look at your life, the good, the bad, the ugly. Are you ready? Here's your 1st act of courage for today...
'BUT JAY... I didn't cause covid, my ex, my clients, the town I was born in...' Trust me I've heard all the arguments for why people shouldn't and CAN'T! take responsibility. 
Because it's terrifying. It's scary to admit that you are where you are, good and bad, because of YOU. It's safer, easier, and less worrying to avoid taking responsibility. We would rather blame people, events, our parents or the coach that kicked us off the soccer team when we were 12 for everything that 'has gone wrong' in our life. 
But do you know why it's even scarier? If you take responsibility for everything in your life right now... Then it means that you're responsible for what it looks like in the future. That from this day forward, you accept, admit and EMBRACE that you're responsible for your life. That's your 2nd Act of Courage for today. 
Decide what you want your future life to look like and take the responsibility for making it happen. 
Follow the training and advice I share in these 8 days, and go live a beautiful life and make an impact on the world that celebrates your unique talents and passions. Be courageous today.

Expert Resources


Daring Greatly - Brene Brown

Born Standing Up - Steve Martin

Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl

12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson

Life of Pi - Yann Martel


The Pursuit of Happyness


Email me [email protected] if you want to share what you want your future to look like, and whether you're going to take responsibility for it. 

Send all 8 Modules of 'Your 4th Quarter Comeback' to my inbox:

Day 3: How To Learn Anything

In this week's podcast I've recorded an episode specifically focused on a 6 step process you can use to lean anything. You can listen to it on your podcast player of choice search 'Coach Glass Podcast' it's Ep358! Or listen to it right here! 


Expert Resources


The Art of Learning - Josh Waitzkin

Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman - Richard Feynman

Ultralearners - Scott Young


Rapping Deconstructed - Vox


If you would like the PDF I use as a framework for learning something new email me [email protected]


Why does HT Squad Work?

This is what Chris had to say:

“I need some type of accountability. During Covid my gym has been closed. There are no workout buddies showing up to kick my ass. Having access to the 8Wk Online program, submitting my videos to the coach AND then showing up to a weekly group Zoom call where I get feedback on my form ensures I follow through."

Day 4: Get Outside

When I'm not traveling for work I have a daily ritual of going for a run in the forest near my house. It's one of the most energising and healing activities in my life and science backs it up. 

140 studies involving more than 290 million people across 20 countries have shown the tremendous health benefits...reducing type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, preterm birth, stress, and high blood pressure amongst others. 

I don't care if it's swimming in the ocean, walking along a river, through a forest, sitting in a park or your garden, hiking up a mountain, it doesn't matter...just GO FIND A TREE AND LIE UNDER IT FOR 5MIN if that's all you have access to. 

Nature is abundant, it's beautiful complexity optimised and simplified over millions of years. It's impossible not to be inspired, just look around. Give your subconscious mind a chance to work out some magic in the backend. 

If you need to justify it as a mid-week break, cool, do that. As you grow, evolve, become a better version of yourself there are going to be times where you need to sprint and go all-out. There will also be times where you need to be still, meditate and breathe. Nature makes this break easy. 

Go get outside. 


Expert Resources

Oxygen Mask Episode on Instagram


A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson

Walden - Henry David Thoreau


Blue Planet 



Day 5: The Value of Tribes

Some of you will remember my experiments with CrossFit. Were there some things I saw and experienced in those gyms that worried me, YES. Are there some things I admired, YES. Specifically how they used the concept of a TRIBE to bring people together. 

You DO NOT need to join a group that emphasises 30 clean and jerks for speed (then high fives you!) in order to find or build a tribe. Instead I want you to look at your life right now and identify the tribes you already have. Your family? Your co-workers? Your church, beer league hockey team, fantasy football league or Saturday foursome?

Every tribe has certain behaviours or expectations that are common, their 'code'. No one goes to a Yoga class expecting to hear hardcore punk music (though maybe not a bad idea) and no one hosts AA meetings at a bar. Tribes will hold you accountable to certain standards, and support you. 

Often we find ourselves inadvertently becoming part of a tribe. Sometimes those tribes don't really serve us or our goals. It's the 'bad crowd' you wouldn't want your kid to get mixed up with at their high school. Maybe it's your drinking buddies that insist on getting hammered every Friday night and lying on the couch all of Saturday to recover. Maybe it's the chat group you're part of where everyone bitches about life/kids/work/covid right now. Maybe you work for a company that doesn't value its employees. 

All I ask is that you look at the 'tribes' currently in your life, what their 'code' is. Is that tribe serving you? Maybe it's time to find and join a new tribe, or even try one out for a few months? Instead of quitting your job or cancelling your Sunday football watch parties... I would suggest just diverting your time and attention first. Assess your goals right now, and then find a tribe that will serve that/those goals, a tribe that will hold you accountable and support you on your journey as you grow. Use the power of tribes to change your life. 


Expert Resources


The Culture Code - Daniel Coyle


Coach Carter


Remember The Titans


Is there a tribe that will hold you accountable to goals? Is there a tribe that you need to put on the back burner? Need to talk to someone about it? Email [email protected]


Am I fit or strong enough for HT Squad?

Here's what Marc thinks:

“The High Triplexity Squad was great and I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their body! I loved that you had Coach Glass breaking down your videos, letting you know what you are doing right and what you could improve upon. I also liked that by having access to the online videos and program at any time, I could progress at my own pace"

Day 6: Haters & Demons

Here's a crazy thing about the improvements YOU want to make in YOUR life. Several or more people in your world right now are very comfortable with you just the way you are. In fact, any change or improvement in your life won't just make them insecure, some will even get mad. 

I know, it's weird. Trolls, haters, a non supportive partner, boss or co-worker, sometimes an industry competitor will even call you out publically. Some are even telling people behind your back (or on social media) that they think you'll fail. 'He's nothing special' 'She's arrogant' 'He's foolish' 'Who is she trying to impress' 'He never follows through anyway' 'She's got no chance' 'He's an idiot'. 
If you followed the last step, you're hopefully connecting with a TRIBE that WILL support you on your journey over the next 3 months. But here's the advice I have for the haters in your life. Screw 'em. Now this doesn't mean you should pick up the phone and call your overly criticising mother and say Coach Glass says 'take a hike!' mom. But maybe pay little attention to anyone who has negative feedback about what you set your mind to. Realise that anyone trying to sabotage you, directly or indirectly, has bigger issues with themselves than they do with you. In fact, you should feel sorry for them, have empathy for them, maybe one day they'll grow and evolve but that's not your responsibility. 
The more serious battle you're going to face when pursuing your goals is the voice inside your own head. The one that doesn't think you're good enough. The one that wants to quit when it gets hard, when you have to step outside of your comfort zone, need to be vulnerable, when you get scared. That smaller version of yourself is brilliant at coming up with 1000 'legitimate and seemingly rational' reasons for why 'you should do this next year' 'things are fine' 'you just don't have what it takes' 'this isn't you'. 
Self-esteem is a complex topic. But there's a voice inside you, the one that you stopped listening to a while back. It's the child's voice that believes you're capable of anything you put your mind to. That you are worthy of unconditional love. That you have what it takes. That you are good enough. That you love yourself. Embrace that voice again. Make it the dominant soundtrack in your mind when you run into difficulty. Turn to your tribe who will be cheerleaders for your success. Turn to your mentors for wise words to make sure you're on the right path. But don't you dare for a second, give up on that boy/girl inside you, you are supposed to express your passions and potential in the world. 

Expert Resources


Love yourself like your life depended on it - Kamal Ravikant

Flinch - Julien Smith



Sometimes it helps to get that negative voice down on paper/in an email. So that you can voice those insecurities and fears. So that you acknowledge the negative self-talk that trips you up. Sometimes it helps to have someone objective see that, so that you realise how unfounded most of your self criticism and negativity is. Send me the email, and let's remove that thinking from your life. 

[email protected]


Day 7: Lend a Hand

I would be nowhere in my career or personal life had it not been for all the support and mentorship I received along the way. 
It's Sunday, all I ask is that you take a few minutes today to think about how you can achieve your goal in the remaining 3 months, WHILE ALSO uplifting someone else. 
Perhaps it's teaching what you know to someone just entering your field. Perhaps a buddy is out of shape and needs to be pulled into your training routine. Perhaps you design 2 free evenings a week into your plan so that you can spend quality time with your spouse or help them in their own goals and aspirations. Maybe your son/daughter's school needs some help managing online learning or study groups. Your local SPCA or homeless shelter can always use help. 
Our deepest sense of fulfillment and joy comes from helping others. On your journey achievement you have to find ways to impact the lives of others or the podium you end up standing on could feel more lonely than satisfying. 
Find someone who can benefit from you taking an interest in their life. 



Right now you're just thinking about it. Put yourself on the line. Tell me who you're going to help in the next 3 months and how? 

[email protected]


Does HT work for coaches?

Here's what Kirsten says:

“I don’t know what I would do without your inspiration. Through you, I have touched so many people's lives. Your High Triplexity program is off the charts. Incredible value. I cannot imagine planning my fun workouts without your programming. My old style was for the dinosaurs. Some of my client programs became boring, training  clients is fun again. The feedback you give during the live calls is brilliant at solving what would have taken me months to see."

Day 8: Your Defaults

What are the life defaults and rules you live by? Some things you say, think and do unconsciously? Some serve us and some really hurt us.

They will be littered throughout your life. Back in college One of my old defaults was, Friday night = 6+ beers. I carried that into my 30's. What a way to start my weekend...hung over! Some defaults serve you, and others not so much.

Every now and then you'll wake up to this realisation, or someone in your life will smack you on the side of the head to wake you up. 

Today I just want to focus on 2 defaults that have made a HUGE difference in my life and career, if there's something you can learn from it, great. If not, you can go check out the free Kinoga workout video I've uploaded for you at the bottom of this page, it's an awesome workout and you don't need to keep reading. 

Connection over Perfection: 

We want things to be right, successful, excellent, perfect. I've seen so many people beat themselves up while trying to be perfect. I've seen people try to have perfect dates, perfect gyms, perfect tournaments, perfect careers, perfect workouts, perfect marriages, be perfect parents. 

When you aim for perfect, the smallest thing will derail you, cause you to beat yourself up, miss key life moments, and sacrifice your long term performance. 

Let's use a workout session with one of my PGA Tour players as an example: 

My player comes into the gym... I've designed the most perfect workout to help me achieve EVERY SINGLE ONE of my goals for this athlete and his physical progression. We're 15min into the workout and I can see he's not feeling it. I double down even harder, because I want this workout to go great, I want him to be lying in an exhausted puddle of sweat with all the major areas of his body covered when we're done. The workout and his movement starts to derail, he stops and says 'I can't do this anymore'. 

I panic. Am I getting fired? Did I just injure my world class athlete? Are my exercises not helping him achieve his goals? 

'I'm worried coach, in my last event my swing didn't feel great, yesterday I played a practice round and hit it all over the place, my swing coach and I are arguing over what to do next, if I don't play well these next 3 weeks I won't get into the Majors, then I won't get my performance bonus from my sponsors who will probably drop me, this morning I took it out on my wife and got mad when she asked me what time I would be home, I'm freaking out right now'

I was so focused on a perfect workout, that I forgot the most important default when dealing with people. Connection. If you focus on connection in your relationships with others it won't always be perfect, because life and relationships aren't perfect, but it will be significantly deeper, more meaningful and impactful. Now when I do workouts with clients, whether they're juniors or world class athletes I always focus on making a connection, and dropping my ideas about perfection. Better connection = better insights = better relationship = better workouts = better performance, and the loop continues. 

When people do neuromuscular workouts with me I tell them, YOU'RE GOING TO FAIL. The point is not to do the move perfectly, it's to CONNECT with your nervous system and figure out where you can make improvements. We even saw this in our last HT Squad, some people didn't send in video clips for review, and when we called them out they said that they make too many mistakes, they'll send a 'good one' when they get it right. In that moment they lost an amazing learning opportunity for me to look at that video I give them specific feedback about how they're moving, where there seems to be imbalances or limitations or old injuries, and compensations or extra work they can do to get better. Other participants sent in a video every week and got great feedback from me that helped them connect with their body even more and improve their performance as a coach or an athlete. 

Look at your life, where are you trying to be perfect, when you could rather choose connection? It will most likely bring you more happiness, fulfillment, progress, and growth. 



Expert Resources

It's Kinoga time! Check out the video, do the workout and send me your score! 


Yes I know I promised you 2 life defaults, but this post has gotten long, send an email to [email protected] share something about your goals and plans for the remainder of the year and I'll send it over. I'll help in any way I can. 

HT Squad Life?

Here's Heather:

“I loved being a part of the High Triplexity squad because of the accountability. Having others to chat with and to be assessed by Coach Glass weekly gave me more incentive to stay on track! I hated when it ended, because I lost touch! I am so glad another one is starting! It is a wonderful feeling to be part of such a successful and determined group of health minded individuals!"