CGP Ep351 Outcome Based Self Worth?

#dreambig #glisteners athlete coach coach glass blog coach glass podcast Aug 06, 2020

You shot a 78 in competition and feel like you are the worst golfer in the world.

You lost your clients due to a pandemic and economic downturn and now you are questioning your ability to be a coach.

You and your significant other are fighting all the time over money, business or the kids and feel like a horrible partner and parent.

You are closing your shop and feel like a failure as a business owner.

STOP! You can’t connect your self-worth with results.

In this episode, I break down a method for disconnecting your self-esteem, ego and self-worth from the outcomes you are currently experiencing in life. 

  1. Remove Excuses or Justifications
  2. Analyze your Personal Responsibility
  3. Identify the Issues
  4. Create a Plan
  5. Execute

In this episode, I go DEEP into all the skills needed to actively move forward after a negative outcome in life.

Using the Stoic philosophies, Buddhist tenants and psychological analysis. DEEP!  BTDubsssss….

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