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Considering all the coronavirus craziness right now, do something that helps you stay sane!

I can't thank you enough for all your support, whether you're a long-time podcast listener, or we've trained together. Right now all my live events and training seminars are postponed. That's why I decided to make the 8-Week High-TripleXity online program available to the larger community.

I've spent a few years formulating and creating my High TripleXity Neuromuscular program. Only my professional athletes have had access to this detailed training that focuses on the nervous system. I was only going to release this program later in the year but I think it can help more people now as we're cooped up and need to focus on something positive.

Because I love ya, you're getting a code that will give you 30% OFF, and lifetime access to this program, including any updates. 

I value your feedback and I will be reaching out to you during your program with questions, please feel free to email me at any time. 

Neuromuscular Training is a building block used by all of the greatest athletes in the world. It gives them an edge, can be added to any other program without fear of burnout, and it's the key to unlocking your nervous system for elite athletic performance in any sport.

In the program I pull back the curtain on elite Neuromuscular Training protocols in tennis, baseball, golf, hockey, and multi-sport athletes.



How is this different compared to LoadXplode?

Here are some of the most common questions we get when we open LoadXplode sign-ups and why I created the High-Triplexity Program:
  • I already have a weightlifting program, can I do the LoadXplode program while I do my other workouts? (The answer is no, we prefer you only do LXP during the 16 weeks) 
  • If I can’t commit to a 16 week program what should I focus on?
  • I can't spend $300 on a program right now, do you have a shorter and more affordable program?
  • I have to do the strength program our team has been assigned, what else can I do to make sure I'm not sacrificing my movement and athleticism?
  • Do you have a shorter program I can do with my clients, when I say '16 weeks' I can see them disengaging. 
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We went back to the drawing board!

These questions led me to develop a High TripleXity program that just features the High Threshold elements.
I filmed a bunch of new Dynamic Warm Ups, High Threshold and a New Cool Down. We were able to compact the program into 8 unique weeks of High TripleXity training. 
The first few weeks are a new combination of warm-ups and high threshold workouts.
We took out the Strength and Power sections so that athletes can manage their time under tension.  
You can do these High Triplexity sessions everyday and still have energy for your curls, squats, pushes and pulls. 
The new warm ups are workouts in themselves. They will challenge you and broaden your movement matrix. It's the perfect program for any rotational athlete whether you are a golfer, baseball, football, soccer, hockey or tennis player. 

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