Unleash Your Athletic Best & Gain an Intellectual Edge

High-TripleXity is the same neuromuscular rotational training program that the world's best professional athletes and coaches use.

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Andrew Putnam - PGA Tour Winner

Jason has always inspired me to be a better athlete. Having him as my fitness and performance coach has been key to my success as a professional golfer."


"Jason's modules have become an integral part of our program. He helps us get the most out of every player's physical potential, while keeping them injury free. His advanced movements, screening and workout programming have been a great educational resource for our strength and conditioning coaches. I know why the best athletes in the world trust him" - Div1 Coach

That sounds great, but how does the squad work?

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Adam Hadwin  - PGA Tour Winner

"Working with Jason has prepared me to compete with the worlds best each week on Tour. There is no doubt that I am a better player because of him"

Who could you become by the end of 2020?

I know. There's A LOT going on. I feel for everyone who is struggling. But you have to focus on what you can control. You are the master of your body and mind. 

You can get swept up the daily media circus, the fear, uncertainty and outrage. But that won't serve you. 

Let's focus your attention and effort on getting the results you want physically and mentally.

Over the next 8 Weeks I'll guide you through my elite High-Triplexity Neuromuscular training program. You'll receive:

  • Lifetime access to the online course platform with detailed follow-along video workouts.
  • Submit videos of your exercise form for assessment and analysis
  • Every Thursday, join me and everyone else on the program for a live video call. We'll have detailed Q&A and movement form reviews.
  • Dive deep into the art and science of high performance in sports, training, and life. 
  • Connect with a community of like-minded athletes, coaches, trainers and teachers on calls and in the group forum chat.
  • BONUS: You receive complimentary lifetime access to all future Squad sessions. 
  • SAVINGS: If you're TPI certified email [email protected] to receive a discount code
  • LAST CHANCE: The price of the High Triplexity, LoadXplode and Squad training will increase in 2021. Lifetime access will also not be offered after this cohort. 

This is an amazing opportunity to learn, dramatically improve your performance, build lasting friendships and hold yourself accountable.

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Mike Weir - Masters Champion

"With Jason’s approach to training you are never guessing..it’s scientific, specific and effective plus a few laughs along the way! I’m moving like I’m in my 30’s again!"

High-Triplexity Squad Schedule:

  • Sign Up OPENS - September 21st 
  • Sign Up Deadline - September 30th 12pm Pacific 
  • Submit your workout form video by Wednesday 5pm
  • Group Video Calls @ 12pm PT (3pm ET)
  • Squad Video Call Recorded and sent to everyone who couldn't attend live
  • Discussions plus Q&A on dedicated chat forum

Call Dates:

  • 1st Group Coaching Call  - Oct 1st
  • Group Video Coaching Call - Oct 8th
  • Group Video Coaching Call - Oct 15th
  • Group Video Coaching Call - Oct 22nd
  • Group Video Coaching Call - Oct 29th
  • Group Video Coaching Call - Nov 5th
  • Group Video Coaching Call - Nov 12th 
  • Group Video Coaching Call - Nov 19th

“The High Triplexity Squad was great and I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their body! I loved that you had Coach Glass breaking down your videos, letting you know what you are doing right and what you could improve upon. I also liked that by having access to the online videos and program at any time, I could progress at my own pace" - Marc G, Athlete

“I need some type of accountability. During Covid my gym has been closed. There are no workout buddies showing up to kick my ass. Having access to the 8Wk Online program, submitting my videos to the coach AND then showing up to a weekly group Zoom call where I get feedback on my form ensures I follow through." - Chris A, Athlete

“Through you, I have touched so many people's lives. Your High Triplexity program is off the charts. Incredible value. I cannot imagine planning my fun workouts without your programming. My old style was for the dinosaurs. Some of my client programs became boring, training  clients is fun again. The feedback you give during the live calls is brilliant at solving what would have taken me months to see." - Kirsten, Coach

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Mike D. - Director of Junior Athlete Development

"Coach Glass' program plays an essential role in helping all the juniors in our academy develop their athletic potential. Its focus on training the athlete's nervous system allows us as coaches to trust that any growth spurts won't derail a junior athlete's potential. The gains we've seen in their performance and stamina on tournament circuits like the AJGA has been amazing."

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Who is this program perfectly suited for?

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You're an ambitious Coach

You want access to the latest Neuromuscular science and training techniques to use with your athletes.

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You're a dedicated Athlete in a rotational sport

You want to give yourself a competitive edge and use neuromuscular training to access your potential.

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You want to guarantee results

Our weekly live group video calls, chat channels and a committed community we'll ensure you do the work!

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You already have a strength program

High-Triplexity can be done as a standalone program or be added onto an existing strength program.

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You want great value for money

For less than a daily coffee you get access to a world class program and community for 8 weeks and lifetime access to the online course.

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You want a program you can repeat for years to come

When you join you receive lifetime access, including all updates. You can login at any time and repeat the program after the initial 8-week group experience.

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Devun Walsh - Snowboarding Legend

"Coach Glass was the key to my longevity in snowboarding! He took a beat down body and transformed it into a rotational machine! The best years of my career came my in 30's! Thanks Coach!"

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

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Mackenzie Hughes - PGA Tour Winner

“Working with Jason and his program, has been a key part of my development as a golfer. His knowledge and expertise gave me a leg up on my journey to playing the PGA Tour."

Squad limited to 100 participants. Sign-up now to reserve your spot. 

Join us on an 8-week journey to your best. You'll receive lifetime access to the course and be invited to join any future squad training groups. To manage the group size and ensure everyone gets exceptional service we are limiting the squad to the first 100 participants that sign up. 

High Triplexity Final Squad for 2020


Your purchase includes:

  • Lifetime access to the High Triplexity Neuromuscular 8-Week online training course
  • Access to the High Triplexity Final Squad for 2020 (Oct 1st - Nov 19th) with weekly live group video calls
  • Access to the private forum channel for all members, discussions, Q&A, video reviews and more
  • Complimentary access to future training squads and group video calls

3in1: Coach Glass Elite Training Bundle


(Or $147/mo for 3 months) Your purchase includes:

  • Everything that's included in the High-Triplexity Final Squad for 2020
  • Lifetime access to the LoadXplode 16-Week program that includes strength training
  • Lifetime access to the NextLevel Library. Over 50hrs of content from Coach Glass on all aspects of athletic and human performance. 
  • You save over $100
  • CLICK HERE for payment plan of $147/mo for 3 months
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Heather Smuin - Coach

“I loved being a part of the High Triplexity squad because of the accountability. Having others to chat with and to be assessed by Coach Glass weekly gave me more incentive to stay on track! I hated when it ended, because I lost touch! I am so glad another one is starting! It is a wonderful feeling to be part of such a successful and determined group of health minded individuals!"

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