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For over 15 years Jason has trained, developed and mentored fitness professionals and coaches around the world. Find out how he can help you improve yourself, your clients and your business. 

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One of the top rotational strength and performance coaches in the world, Jason's helped players in the NHL, NBA, NFL, PGA Tour and extreme sports perform better and win more often. He'll help you discover your best.

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Whether through his speaking, events, podcast or online community, Jason has inspired and helped thousands of people. Find out how you can join this tribe and get access to some incredible resources. 

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"I am thoroughly enjoying the LoadXplode program! The dynamic warm-up is a challenge in itself! And as I said on Facebook, the Body Prep is fantastic! I can't tell you how good I feel after doing that in the mornings. It has become a "must-do" for me every day. Thank you. Having sat at a desk for 35 years (I'm 59), as you would imagine, I am very tight in the T-spine and hips. I am utilizing your videos for both my golf game and over all function. LoadXplode has forced me to recalibrate my yardages as I am flying the greens! Thanks Coach!"

- B. Lingford

World Class Program Design Deconstructed

A strength coach has to become a master of program design. I pride myself in being able to build scientifically based programs specific to the client's needs to create a powerful, dynamic and efficient body. The real skill is developing programs that can hold up to the heat of competition when the championship is on the line. It can be the difference between another top 10 and holding the cup! 

Innovative Training Methods That Have Been Battle-Tested

I have spent the last 25 years of my life dedicated to the science of helping my athletes load and explode. To push my athletes to the next level I had to experiment with new techniques, exercises and training systems to stay ahead of the competition. My theories and techniques continue to be put to the test under the most intense scrutiny and competitive situations. All in a day's work making the world’s best…better! 

How Training Needs To Grow As Your Junior Golfer Does

Developing juniors is the most rewarding part of my coaching. I've helped every level of junior from Team Canada Development Squad to the novice player entering the gym for the first time. Regardless of the level, fundamentals are the key. Mastery of the fundamentals of movement, power production and athleticism are the primary focus for all my programs…applying it to my juniors just makes it that much more rewarding. 

Why Should You Join Us?

In a world full of information it's easy to get overwhelmed. We're so consumed with quick fixes, 6 minute abs, get rich quick schemes and the next '17 Steps to the life of your dreams'. You don't need more information. You need a proven system with an easy path to follow. You need a community and coach pushing you to become your very best. You need some courage and commitment. Are you ready?

Sport Science Foundations of Success

In today's era of 'information at your fingertips' and 'click bait headline', it is hard to determine what is real and what is simply a fad. I feel as an industry leader and a fitness culture influencer, I have a responsibility to deliver information that you can trust and also works! Training techniques, nutritional tips and performance hacks should be supported by science and tested at the highest level of competition. I pride myself in continually delivering these proven performance enhancing elements to my Coach Glass Community... just as I have over the past decade.    

World-Class Rotational Sport Performance Unlocked

I made my mark on the game of golf but what many people don’t know is that I started my strength coaching career in other sports. I used the techniques from those other sports and applied it to the game of golf to help the world's best golfers take their game to the next level. Now I have flipped the script and utilize the techniques I developed in golf and apply it to all rotational sports. These techniques have helped me coach NFL quarterbacks, MLB baseball player, NHL hockey teams and extreme sports athletes to name a few. 

Relentless Learning Amplified

This website and my podcast are how I share my unrelenting passion to learn and develop my skills as a coach. I am grateful for the close relationships I have developed over the years with some of the world's top coaches, therapists and athletes. Each time I would geek out with a colleague or mentor of mine I used to think ‘Man it would have been cool to get that conversation on tape to share with young coaches and performance enthusiasts.’ It was moments like this that spawned the Coach Glass Podcast which has now reached over 600,000 Glisteners. I am very proud of that. 

Training That Enhances Your Swing but Doesn't Hurt Your Game

Practice time is a valuable thing when you are working on your game. Unfortunately, traditional training programs leave the athlete tired, sore and requiring hours of recovery. On the PGATour the athlete needs to go from the training room to the practice area and straight to the first tee. I've developed Minimal Dose Training techniques to maximize performance gains without adding a toxic load that will leave you unable to practice and play.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few times a year we open up sign ups for 'LoadXplode Coach' & 'LoadXplode Athlete' Editions. These are 16 week follow-along training programmes that include weekly live calls, a private community for Q&A and a group of individuals that are committed to helping you achieve your learning and performance goals. 

Everyone who has signed on for a LoadXplode programme also gets access to The Next Level - our membership community where we host many hours of specialized content, resources, research, the latest training science and offers to special events or group meetups. 

The LoadXplode is exactly what I give my athletes. Whether they are an NFL QB, little league slugger, college golfer or the Masters Champ, they all train under the same training principles that the LoadXplode program is built upon.
Many of my athletes follow the online version as a supplement program during their off season.

*We also share Coach Glass’ DVD series where he shares the in-depth philosophy and coaching techniques that catapulted him to becoming one of the world’s top high performance coaches.

The Next Level Members Only video archive has over 60 educational videos including Coach Glass’ entire DVD library.

These videos cover everything from his approach to periodization for rotational athletes, mental game for high performing athletes, nutritional best practices, exercise technique breakdown videos, business and self development films as well as all the videos the Coach developed with his fellow Perform Better coaches and colleagues.

The LoadXplode Members Only FaceBook Group is your direct portal to Coach Glass and his experienced staff. Members of this group include some of the world’s top experts in fitness, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, nutrition and technical coaching. The group loves to geek out on technical questions and the hot topics of the day.

Coach Glass hosts live LoadXplode events for coaches all over the globe.

Attending these live events gives you educational non accredited fitness industry category CEUs. 

Coach Glass ”I love it when other coaches use my techniques and think of it as a compliment. If I can save other coaches from years of mistakes by sharing my 25 years of experience…I'm all in! My techniques and training philosophy are based on and built upon the shoulders of my mentors and colleagues. I always give credit where credit is due!”

So I guess that means he is good with you using his program with your clients! 

Not at all! The idea is for you to learn from Coach Glass’ training concepts and incorporate and blend them into your training systems. If you are unsure if your system works or unsure if you have a formalized system of your own…you might as well start with a program that is proven on the world’s biggest stage. 

Coach Glass has a reputation for making the contra-indicated…indicated! His progressions and regressions help athletes create foundations of movement and control that make controversial exercises safe and performance enhancing. 

Coach Glass takes pride in making the most complex scientific concepts seem simple. We recommend you watch the bonus content in the Members Only section and learn some of the analogies and teaching cues developed by The Coach and use them with your clients.

Coach Glass "Getting your athletes to buy into your training philosophy could be the most important skill you develop on your journey to becoming a great coach!"

Great coaching with proven programming equals results. Results create word of mouth and positive word of mouth increases your client base. 

The LoadXplode program requires you to sign a waiver to get access to the program. What you do with that content is up to you. No disclosure needed, just share how much you love the site with your friends and colleagues and give credit where credit is due. 



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