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Coach Glass Mentorship

 How do you build a reputation of expertise, excellence and get results? How do you maximize your brand, business income and legacy? You need to DreamBIG, Overdeliver, Be Undeniable!

The Coach Glass Mentorship Process

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The Coach Glass Mentorship is an exclusive learning experience hosted over multiple weeks in a small group format. It's designed to maximize your potential. If you're a coach, medical practitioner or fitness instructor who wants to take your career to the Next Level, this is your event.

Want Me In Your Corner, Holding You Accountable To Your Greatness?

Each year Coach Glass takes a small group of hand-picked professionals through a multi-week program of motivation, brand development, speaking skills for presentations or social media, business development, and coaching.

This event goes DEEP into your brand, personal and professional development, exercise technique and philosophy, and everything else that makes you perform at the highest level. Throughout the process you're surrounded and guided by a supportive community of coaches, mentors, domain experts and colleagues who will ensure that you succeed. 


Testimonial from one of our Online Mentorship All Stars

Feedback From Past Attendees of The Mentorship Event

"Without question the mentorship with Jason Glass was life changing. As a leading light in the business his wish to share his knowledge and experience humbling.

The desire to grow as a Coach was always there but Jason 'lit the touch paper!'

I learnt so much about myself and the business I aimed to succeed in, I met others from different walks of life with the same passion I had for learning and made life long friends and this is something I will always be grateful to him for him for.

My career has gone from strength to strength and I am working within a team looking after Elite , junior and club golfers and rehabbing the injured .

Jason is amazing, one of the few who has that perfect blend of inappropriate humour and genius !! The mentorship programme is a must for anyone looking to succeed in this business"

- Helen


"I've been to a lot of seminars and educational events and the Coach Glass Mentorship hands down has been the most beneficial event I've attended. The Coach Glass Mentorship was a huge influence on me opening my own gym and really going after my dreams. The detail Jason puts into the Mentorship and helping each mentoree individually with their brand and goals is second to none. And the mentoring from Jason did not end after the Mentorship, he is still a huge influence on my career today. I could not recommend the Mentorship more for any coaches out there trying to take their career to the next level.” 

- Dan


"As a military veteran who has always seen tremendous value in learning from the best and passing that knowledge on, there is no doubt that Coach Glass’s Mentorship changed the arc of my career. It would be wrong of me to speak too much of the amazing time that I spent along with my 9 other Mentorees in Vancouver…you have to experience it for yourself to truly understand it…but I learned how to refine my Vision. How to speak with poise in front of groups or on live TV, which I’ve had the honor of doing multiple times. I learned how to find the vision in others and help them foster it, which is a massive component that allows me to mentor the 40-plus Fitness professionals that I lead at my club. I learned strategies for developing an action plan based on vision, for setting the bar far higher than you would imagine and going after it…I learned all of the high level movement analytics and programming based such things on anterior oblique slings and posterior oblique slings and got to witness one of the most accomplished rotational power coaches on the planet do his thing while standing alongside 9 other highly motivated individuals…all from different places and with different backgrounds and yet all bonded by one amazing truth…we now get to pick the brain of THE TPI fitness guru, all around amazing human being, and hilarious individual that is Jason Glass.

Priceless opportunity and one I would do 100 times over if given the chance! Meditative, deliberate tasks are exactly what my brain needs. Maybe learning a full song on guitar. For those of you who don’t know, I accepted a position in the corporate world to be the Team Member Development Manager (aka mentor) for 45 trainers at the new LifeTime Athletic in Charlotte…grand opening this Thursday the 14th. Need to focus on recovery for mind and body.
Lessons from Mentorship still ring so incredibly loud in my new role…how to set a high bar and break down tasks and hit those goals and keep pushing. I am now a force multiplier…I get to change 45 lives and all the countless lives that they will influence."
- Gareth

More Testimonials from Mentorship Graduates who know how to make an entrance.


"I've always valued getting other peoples perspectives and being shown something through a different lens. It's essential for growth. That's exactly what I got with Jason. Be better then you were the day before but most importantly help others to do the same."  - Jordan


What Can You Expect From The Mentorship?

"During the Mentorship, I met some incredible coaching colleagues from all over the world, and we have kept in touch ever since. The camaraderie between all the mentorees has been amazing – we now all share a common belief – dream big, be undeniable and over deliver.

Looking back, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, but it was also one of the hardest things I have ever done in my professional career. I went into the Mentorship thinking that I was going to get all the answers I needed, but instead it highlighted deficiencies in my personal skill set. I soon realised that it is just the beginning of a journey – a step in the right direction that would end my years of searching.

If you want a free ride then this program is not right for you. If you are willing to face up to your weaknesses, work hard and improve yourself, then the Mentorship can help you to achieve great things. Since doing the Mentorship, I have had many opportunities that would not have been ordinarily possible.

I’m grateful for Jason’s personal commitment to my professional development journey. It's not easy been mentored by a person halfway around the world and across 15 different time zones. But no matter where Jason is in the World, he always manages to find time to chat and give me advice on new projects and endeavours. I can't thank Jason enough for his tireless effort. In a short space of time, he has taught me a lot about confidence, humility and sacrifice.

Jason is more than a Performance Coach. He is one of the most inspirational leaders I have come across. I never really appreciated the importance of having a mentor, until I experienced how Jason inspired me to become, not only a better coach, but also a better person.

I would highly recommend doing the Coach Glass Mentorship to anyone who wants to become a leader in his or her respective field"

- Charles

"The mentorship program was the best experience I've had in my career simply because I believe Jason saw something in me that I wasn’t able to see in myself at that time. He pointed out my weaknesses but more importantly was able to help me realize my strengths. This new confidence that I gained was not instantaneous but it definitely started from the mentorship where I was able to gain focus and take on new challenges that gave me momentum in my career and my life.

Before the mentorship I was driven but didn’t feel like I had what it took to take the steering wheel with the confidence needed to drive the distance. I am enormously grateful for having had the opportunity to attend this amazing event and to have met so many other like minded people in this growing community.

Jason is the real deal and I am for ever in debt to him for his friendship and gift of nudging me in the right direction when I needed it most.

We are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for and having a mentor like Jason to show you the ropes and where you should take the next steps that are necessary for you to gain your momentum in life is something you will never regret"

- Adam

"Highly recommend the Coach Glass Mentorship Program!  It was a nice complimentary between online home assignments and LIVE zoom small group calls.  At first, it seemed like any other mentorship with defining your 1, 3, 5 year goals, which we all have done over and over again.  But I soon realized this mentorship was something different, something special.  It uncovered my REAL PASSION and helped create my DreamBIG 

After 12 years in my profession and 5 years of owning my business… this mentorship has provided a clear vision on the future for the business and me.  Along my journey, I know I’ll have support from Coach Glass, my fellow classmates, and the previous graduates to motivate and provide guidance for my DreamBIG.  

If you are looking to find your passion, create a real 5-year goal, and have a great coach in your corner… then this mentorship program is for you.  Thank you Coach Glass!"


Apply To Attend The Yearly Coach Glass Mentorship Group

This year's Mentorship calls for an entirely new approach. Not only will we be hosting it live online, enabling anyone from around the world to attend... But we will also be helping you navigate and capitalise on an entirely new business and social environment. Are you ready to commit to realising your incredible potential, personally and professionally?


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