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Success is a funny thing. If I ask people what they want out of life they often stay they want to be a success.

When I dive deeper and ask what success means to them they often reel off a list of things that society deems important. “I will be happy and a success once I get my…”

Many spend their lives chasing money, fame, credentials, approval from their peers and loved ones and creating a life of leisure and luxury. Some attain it and still find themselves with an unexpected sense of emptiness while others live in misery and die with a sense of failure for not attaining their dreams.

Both of these pursuits seem like a waste of time and an unfortunate way to live out your life. 

So what is success then?

Success is living a life of purpose. Living a life where you are able to share your unique gifts with the world. Express your greatness without a filter or someone else’s vision of who they think you should be dictating your actions.

For some of you, surviving these challenging times is the success you seek. But what are you surviving for? What happens once you have navigated the turbulent waters you are currently treading in?

Success could come in the form of opening a gym, starting your online coaching business or sharing your skills and passion with the world through your chosen lens. But these things by themselves will not provide you with true fulfilment. Fulfilment occurs when your passions are expressed through your work in a manner that creates a life of balance.

Balance is created when the yin and yang of life’s challenges and rewards are in harmony. The ebb and flow of risk and reward, stress and relief, struggle and peace, create personal growth and a sense of purpose. 

My goal in life is to “Inspire others to greatness.” Whether I get rich and famous or die with nothing in the pursuit of this goal is erroneous.

My fulfilment occurs in real-time while I am in the process of inspiring others to their personal greatness. 

Am I successful at inspiring others to greatness? I have helped over 70 professionals reach their DreamBIG over the past 8 years. The number doesn’t make me a success or failure. Success is based on each story, each dream achieved and being a part of each individual mentoree’s personal journey. 

So how do you find your purpose?


How do you design a dream big that will be fulfilling? It is all about creating a destination that will start you on a journey worth travelling. It is not the destination of becoming a world-class doctor that is fulfilling. It is the journey toward the goal that is filled with successes and failures, dedication and sacrifice, sweat and tears and all the life lessons learned along the way that provide the fulfilment. 

The process of creating a fulfilling dream big is listed below. Following this process will help you along the journey toward fulfilment. The Coach Glass Mentorship is designed to expedite and enhance this process. 

  1. Explore what truly fulfils you. The mentorship home study takes you through a number of modules and assignments to boil down your dream big into something truly worth working toward.

  2. Pick the right destination. Defining your 1,3, and 5-year goals create the road map for your dream big.

  3. Gather the tools needed to successfully complete the journey. Learn the skills and systems that have paved the trail for other successful people on their journey toward a similar destination. 

  4. Create a support structure around you to ensure success. The mentorship family, both in your enrolment group and former mentorship graduates, offer continual support and guidance along your journey.

  5. Create effective routines and refine your process. The assignments can be used time and time again to refine your systems and routines.

  6. Continually test your systems to increase your productivity. Challenges throughout the course force you to constantly evolve your process.

  7. Learn from your successes and failures. Create a growth mindset that embraces obstacles and challenges you to push your personal limits. 

  8. Stay in the present to truly enjoy the journey. Exercises designed to enhance your awareness while you are actively in the process of realizing your dream big.

  9. Become a mentor to others. The act of mentorship allows you to not only help others but it reinforces your belief structures and provides greater purpose.  

Book Reference: Man's Search For Meaning Viktor E Frankl


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