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Breathing & Bracing Chapter 2: Breathing for Better Mobility

coaching tips & techniques exercise tips next level members performance coaching video archives video for athletes video for coaches Nov 13, 2015

Breathing and Bracing is a 3 part movie featuring Dana Santas who is the Mobility Coach to the NHL, MLB and NFL stars. Chapter 2 is all about breathing for better mobility! Dana takes me through Shoulder Flexion, Shoulder Internal and External Rotation, and finally T-Spine Rotation. I have worked with a ton of physios, chiropractors and eastern medicine practitioners who can get mobility gains using manipulation, soft tissue work or acupuncture/dry needling. Dana offers a simple breathing technique that fitness professional can provide their athletes with while staying in the parameters laid out by our certifying bodies. They it on yourself and see the amazing increases in range of motion you can experience by simply breathing better! The entire movie will be up for sale but as a #CoachGlassNextLevel Member you will be getting all 3 Chapters included with your membership. Leave a comment below and let us know how this film has enhanced your ability to Breathe for Better Mobility!


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