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Breathing & Bracing Chapter 3

coaching tips & techniques exercise tips next level members performance coaching video archives video for athletes video for coaches Nov 25, 2015

Breathing and Bracing Chapter 3

In this 3rd and final instalment of the Breathing and Bracing series, featuring Dana Santas and Jason Glass, we discuss "Bracing." Learning how to properly brace your abdominals with proper breathing techniques will not only protect your spine but will allow you to lift more. Using techniques such as the 'Valsalva Maneuver' and other abdominal bracing techniques you can create intra-abdominal pressure to protect your spine and produce more force. We explore these concepts and introduce you to Coach Glass’ unique underwater cue that helps even the most novice lifter appreciate the importance of breathing while lifting.

Be sure to watch Breathing and Bracing Chapters 1 & 2 before watching this video. There are important techniques that should be mastered first before attempting the Chapter 3 techniques. As always, check with your health care provider to get assessed and clear you to perform these lifts and exercises. Leave a comment below and let us know how this film has enhanced your ability to Breathe and Brace better.


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