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CGP Ep 34 Robert Yang Nutrition & Olympic Lifting

#glisteners coach glass podcast tpi jason glass performance lab Sep 10, 2014

Robert Yang is the “The Healthiest Man on Earth” and he joins us to discuss topics ranging from nutrition to Olympic lifting and everything in between.

Hot Topics:
Why you should eat grass fed meats to get shredded and the power of Omega 3.

Eat bacon for your health! Stabilizing blood sugar with fats.

Do you train hard enough to require supplementation?

Best post workout meals.

How to gain lean muscle mass without taking supplements.

Performing Olympic lifts in the proper order.

Why every Crossfit trainer needs to learn how to screen their athletes for Olympic lifts.

All this and more in this long awaited episode!

Robert is on the @mytpi Fitness Advisory Board and has his own Olympic Lifting Certification course that teaches you how to screen your athlete before you have them perform the key Olympic lifts.

If you have any questions for Yang hit him up on Twitter @robertyanginc and throw him a “Yo Yang!” If you want to read Robert’s great articles or see his training videos go to his website

#DreamBig #OverDeliver and Cheers Everybody! #CoachGlass

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