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performance coaching what’s new Jan 22, 2015

I had to get this off my #Chest #BURNYOURBENCHES!

I posted a video on Youtube and people went ballistic!

Some people are so ingrained with the caveman doctrine that they can’t give up on their precious benches and they are fighting back on Twitter and Facebook!

Some have gone so far as to hiding them in their basements and burying them in their backyards to save them from the Revolution!


It's hard to defend yourself in 140 characters so here is my 30-minute rant where I go into detail on why I started the revolution and why you should join in our mission to abolish benches in all gyms.

All I want is for athletes to get off that bench press and start to push and press with your feet on the ground!

When you play your sport or walk down the street, do you need a bench to support you?


So why do you use them in the gym?

Plant your feet in the ground like an athlete and press!

So join the revolution!

Share, comment and most important….. BURN YOUR BENCHES!

For more information on the #BYBRevolution, exercise technique or performance training watch the Video by visiting #DreamBig #OverDeliver and be #Undeniable.

Cheers #CoachGlass

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