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CGP Ep 9 McCabe & The Coach Show 1

golf fitness Apr 14, 2014

This episode we have my go to guy for the game between the ears Dr. Bhrett McCabe in for the 1st of many editions of the McCabe & The Coach Show.

Dr.McCabe ( @DrBhrettMcCabe ) has worked with some of the best players of our generation and has a unique insight and unmatched passion for making athletes perform at their best.

In this episode we talk about outgrowing your fishbowl and how to expand your potential to swim with the big fish! How training to failure can create a mental toughness in athletes when applied at the right time and in the right environment.

We also tackle how the Mind is trained through the Body and Body is trained through the Mind!

Amazing stuff and I am proud to share this with you!

#DreamBig #Overdeliver Cheers Everybody!


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