CGP Ep113 Do Less Get More

#glisteners coach glass podcast Feb 03, 2016

What if doing less cardio, less lifting and less time in the gym resulted in more strength gains, more fat loss, more results?

Take the time to really look at what you do in your training session, and create 3 buckets.

Bucket 1: Elements that produce results.

Bucket 2: Elements that you perform because you always did them and you assume they create results.

Bucket 3: Elements you know are doing nothing but you enjoy the exercises because they are fun or make you feel good while you perform them.

Now take out Bucket 2 and 3 and see what you are left with.

See what elements are left and determine whether or not Bucket 1 by itself will produce the results you are looking for or do you need to add some new elements to create a complete program.  

Let's say you ran hills in the morning 3 days a week. On those days, do you need a metabolic workout as well? Or could you just do some strength elements with no dramatic increase in heart rate throughout the day? Do 5 chin-ups, vacuum the couch, do 20 push-ups, iron your shirt, 5 more chin-ups, feed the dog, 20 more pushups……. You already got your interval training, cardio and aerobic and anaerobic conditioning in during your morning run!

Now add in two days of 15-30 min metabolic workout. (This is a heavyweight, full multi-jointed, full-body workout where your heart rate resembles a roller coaster ride).

That is 5 days of training a week with minimal time in the gym, all elements are covered over the course of the week and you have a minimal toxic load from exercises from Bucket 2 and 3!

Try it for a month.

Why not give it a shot and see how you feel. You need to switch up your program every 6-12 weeks to ensure that we are creating an environment that creates adaptation.

After committing to it for a month comment on my blog or send me a tweet and let me know how you feel. Deal? Deal! 

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