CGP Ep116 New Era of Delivering Coaching featuring Spencer Dennis

#glisteners Feb 23, 2016

I have been coaching for over 20 years. I use to draw stick figures and hand them to my clients at the end of their session so they could continue their workouts while on holiday. Wow!

Since then we have had some amazing technological advances: email, Betamax, CD’s and phones with cameras have come into play in the coaching delivery system world.

So what is the future of coaching delivery systems?

Building communities, building teams, building environments that are contextually rich with visuals, stats and sharable data!

This is what students and athletes are looking for. So what are you delivering to your students?

Some of us don’t have the guts to ask our clients what they really want out of the fear that we may not be able to provide them with what they are really looking for.

This is why I had to take my conversation with Spencer Dennis, the founder of Edufii and put it on wax!

I was discussing how I could use this platform to better deliver my coaching videos, programs and technical analysis.

After 20 minutes I said, “we need to press record, my #Glisteners need to hear this!” So hear it is! 

@perfrom_better @mytpi #CoachGlassNextLevel #DreamBig #OverDeliver #BeUndeniable Coach Glass

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