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CGP Ep166 Devun Walsh The Legend

#glisteners coach glass podcast what’s new Jan 11, 2017

Devun Walsh is one of the most influential athletes in the extreme sport world

. 30 years of pushing the sport of snowboarding has earned him the Transworld Legend Award which is the industries version of a “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

I have known Devun for over 20 years. I had the honour of training Devun during the height of his career. His sport required a body that could jump off 50ft cliffs and land without losing its teeth.

Developing programs for an athlete with these needs pushed my techniques to new levels and helped me develop training techniques that are now helping athletes from the NFL, NHL and PGA Tour load and explode like never before.

In this episode, we talk about what it means to be called “The Legend” and how to transition forward by helping change the sport as an ambassador.

We also chat about his newest video on iTunes called “Wildcats Never Die” which is an epic snowboard film that anyone who enjoys extreme sports NEEDS to watch!

What's next for Devun Walsh? You need to listen to find out!

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