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CGP Ep175 Lose Weight Gain Nutrition

#glisteners coach glass podcast Mar 15, 2017
My Body Mass Index says I'm obese.
Sure I overindulged over the holidays.
Sure I used the excuse “It's Christmas!” through the month of January. Obese?
The BMI doesn’t take into account muscle, cannonball calves or arms that look like 5 packs of hotdogs duct-taped to my humerus.
I am far from obese but I could use a little composition redistribution to get me back to my old self.  
So I needed to become my own coach. That's right people, The Coach coached The Coach.
Sure I did a little fat-shaming to get me kick-started. Sure I booked a family vacation on a beach to give myself a deadline. Well, this episode is all about that journey.
Do you want to know the secret to losing weight and feeling great? Who doesn’t right? Consistently eat well and be active consistently and you will consistently maintain a healthy weight and consistently feel better.
But what does eating well entail?
Eat nutritionally dense foods and understand your cravings and what they are telling you. How do you get up each day and motivate yourself to be more active? It has little to do with what exercises you do and its all about what you do after you exercises that counts.
Why are you still reading this?????? Listen to the episode! Ohh before you go. Results: I lost 5lbs and redistributed 5lbs into lean muscle. And my body mass index still says…you guessed it! Obese. Haha

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And as always…..#DreamBig #OverDeliver #BeUndeniable Cheers! Coach Glass

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