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CGP Ep178 How to be a GREAT Leader

#glisteners #yojay coach glass podcast Apr 05, 2017

Do you have the skills to be a GREAT leader? This episode explores techniques that will turn a follower into a leader and make a leader of few a leader of many! Leadership is such a valued commodity in today's society.

I am always hearing how we need better leadership and need to find more leaders in our industry. I truly feel that leadership is not a rare and unique commodity but instead a characteristic that everyone has in them if they are willing to search for it and nurture it once it's found!

What kind of characteristics do you seek in your leaders?

Answering this question will lead you to lead others using the same characteristics.

You don’t have the skill set needed to lead? Do you have the passion or willingness to work on those skills? If you do we can make you into a leader.

If you don’t have the passion or willingness to nurture the leadership skills you are FIRED!

Speaking of fired…I'm FIRED UP!

Listen and learn.

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And as always…..#DreamBig #OverDeliver #BeUndeniable Cheers! Coach Glass

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