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CGP Ep180 Get Loaded!!!

#glisteners coach glass podcast Apr 19, 2017

To load or not to load, that is the question!

In this episode, we are talking about whether or not you need to get loaded to be the best athlete you can be.

History and science would lead you to think that you need to get stronger to be better and the only way to get stronger is to load the body with resistance.

I disagree! So take a load off Annie and put the load right on me!

We share why the world still thinks that resistance training is the secret (Even though it comes from Greek mythology).

Do you think Wayne Gretzky, Steph Curry or Ronaldo are the biggest strongest and champion lifters on their respective teams or sports? No! So what makes them the best?

You will have to listen and learn to find out.

We are talking Nueral Loading, High Threshold Training and so much more! If you want more on this topic go to and watch the LIVE webinar.

Our LoadXplode online 16-week training program starts May 1st. We are only taking 100 athletes worldwide so get your ticket today!

And now a word from our sponsors: Tony Morgan, K-VEST's Director of International Business talks about the new @KVEST3D NEXT Software "By combining a series of motions at address and throughout the swing, NEXT turns static positional training into a complete movement to help players learn, and, more importantly, retain the desired skills.

NEXT can be used by teachers and coaches of all backgrounds to improve outcomes, including club delivery, ball speed, and injury avoidance” Check it out at today!

I'll be performing at the @performbetter Orlando Summit Sunday, June 4th and just got added to the @perform_better Long Beach Summit in August so come out and see the Coach!

I'll also be in PalmBeach FLA for the @mytpi Level 1 seminar May 11/12 so put down your Cuban coffee (which I love) and sign up!

And as always…..#DreamBig #OverDeliver #BeUndeniable Cheers! Coach Glass

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