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CGP Ep190 Pregame Workout: To Lift or Not To Lift

#glisteners coach glass podcast Jun 28, 2017
In this episode, we go DEEP into whether or not you should lift before your event or not.
Should we go heavy or have a light dynamic warm-up? Can we stimulate or activate the nervous system without adding a toxic load to the musculoskeletal system? What should we do to prepare our bodies for the best potential performance?
This is coming off the heels of Brooks Koepka @BKoepka winning the US Open in golf. Since Brook’s historic win I have been hit with countless #YOJAYs, DMs, emails and FB messages asking for my thoughts on an Instagram post from Brook’s great coach and friend of mine Claude Harmon III @CH3golf who had a picture of Brook’s strength coach Joey D @CoachJoeyD with Brooks lifting “heavy” bench press before he played his Sunday final round at the Open.
The quote from the post was “For those who still don’t believe golfers are athletes, Sunday morning at a major” Why are people making this a Joey D vs Coach Glass issue?
I have publicly said that I don’t believe in the bench press and think strength coaches should “Burn Their Benches!” The fact that I don’t believe in bench press does not mean I don’t believe in lifting before a round of golf.
I agree with the strategy being applied by Team Koepka which includes another friend and colleague I respect, medical practitioner Marc Wahl @MarcWahl_TC. "These guys are good" doesn’t just apply to the players on the Tour but also to their support teams!
For this episode, I have connected with some of my Coach Glass Podcast Advisory Board for answers on whether you should or should not lift heavy before you play.
Thanks to studs like @bmarcello13 @bluejaystrength @mitchsadowski @golffitnessedge and the legend Al Vermeil I have compiled a cornucopia of views and opinions on this topic.
And you know it wouldn’t be a #CoachGlassPodcast without a few thoughts from the Coach! Hope you Enjoy!
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