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CGP Ep193 Bodyweight Training

#glisteners coach glass podcast Jul 19, 2017
We all do it but do you really know what it's doing for you? In this episode, we go DEEP into Bodyweight Training.
The ins and outs of training using nothing but your own body as a form of resistance. When you add resistance or stress to the body in the form of exercises your body has to adapt. Your body matches the stress applied to it. Continue to do the same exercises the same way for the same amount of reps and over time the training effect is lost and you normalize.
The problem with bodyweight exercises is you can’t really add more weight unless you add external resistance which then moves you out of true bodyweight training. So you have to increase volume, intensity, time under tension.
Wanna go deep on this concept? Well this is your episode!
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And as always…..#DreamBig #OverDeliver #BeUndeniable Cheers! Coach Glass

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