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CGP Ep197 Liam Hennessy Strength Guru Part 2

#glisteners coach glass podcast Aug 17, 2017

This episode is the long awaited part 2 of my conversation with strength and conditioning guru Liam Hennessy.

Thank you all for your interaction on Twitter/Insta/FB about the 1st part of this double-header episode.

Liam has such a unique way of looking at human performance. He doesn’t just guess and hope for the best. Liam uses data and historically proven techniques mixed with the most advanced technology to unearth performance gems in his athletes.

Part 2 of our conversation during the Q&A period at the Setanta College Coach Glass Workshop is going to be an instant classic.

If you liked Part 1 you will LOVE this. If you didn’t like part 1? Well, you can go tell it to yo mama!

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