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CGP Ep202 Justin James World Long Drive Champ!

#glisteners coach glass podcast Sep 20, 2017

GP In this episode we get the opportunity to pick the brain of the World’s longest hitter! Justin James @justinjamesgolf is the newly crowned 2017 World Drive Champion.

What you might not know is that Justin is also a Strength & Conditioning Coach.

This allows us to go DEEP into rotational power training and the secrets behind his success in one of the most raw expressions of rotary power, the @worldlongdrive Championships.

We also discuss the process he uses to prepare mentally for such an event. As a professional baseball pitcher, Justin developed the ability to stay calm under pressure and execute when the game is on the line.

We chat about the training periodization, the mental game, dreaming big and so much more in this power-packed episode of the Coach Glass Podcast!

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