CGP Ep203 Strength or Speed?

#glisteners coach glass podcast Sep 27, 2017

 If I had a dollar for overtime someone came in my gym wanting to hit the ball shorter I would be broke!

Everyone and I mean everyone wants to hit the ball farther, everyone wants more power.

In this episode, we go DEEP into the debate of strength vs speed training.

I have dedicated my career to making rotational athletes load and explode. Developing training techniques and coaching philosophies to squeeze out another 5 yards is no easy task.

Lucky for you, we have boiled down the science of rotational power and reduced it to one simple question.

"Do you need strength, speed or both?"

So many athletes think that simply getting stronger will create more power. So they set off to the gym with their pre-workout shake and a handful of traditional strength exercises and wait for the squat rack and bench press to free up.

“Mind if I work in a few sets?” Rarely does this approach actually yield more distance. The odd time that it does is often due to the fact that the gym-goer is either detrained or lacks the adequate strength required to truly load and explode.

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