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CGP Ep206 Biofeedback & Sports Performance with Michael Chu

#glisteners coach glass podcast Oct 18, 2017

In this episode, we go DEEP into the use of Biofeedback in Sports Performance.

This is a topic I have been wanting to discuss on the show for a long time. Who better to discuss this complex topic with than the CEO of K-Vest @kvest3d Michael Chu.

Michael shares how he uses biofeedback in the technical coaching field and seamlessly integrates it into the fitness/medical training space.

We talk about the use of biofeedback in sports like golf, volleyball, baseball, throwing sports and how understanding movement can improve the coaches ability to assess performance.

I share stories about how I embarrassingly misused technology in the past in an attempt to help save you from making the same mistakes. On the professional side, we also discuss how Michael went from working at Linkedin to becoming the CEO of Kvest all before his 29th birthday.

Amazing insight that you can use today to help you accomplish your career goals! Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed having Michael on the show.

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