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CGP Ep212 Strength Phase for the Rotational Athlete

#glisteners coach glass podcast Nov 29, 2017

In this episode, we go DEEP into the strength training phase for the rotational athlete.

Strength training is an overused term that people use to describe all resistance training and general fitness.

Simply going to the gym and lifting weights doesn't make it strength training. There is a recipe that needs to be applied and rules that you need to abide by to get strength gains.

In this episode, we are periodizing your offseason and diving right into the good stuff. We are talking about the meat between the Strength Prep and the Power Phase.

I stand on my soapbox regularly and debate the benefits of neuromuscular training versus pure strength training.

This episode is not about that.

We are putting the High Threshold program aside for 6 weeks and doing true strength training. We are applying a stress on the muscles, ligaments, tendon and skeleton.

The body WILL adapt to that stress or die trying! Are you in?

If your answer is yes I have to ask…”What kind of strength do you want? Hypertrophy? Pure strength? Muscle endurance?”

If you want my recipe for the different types of strength you can go to my website and read the attached blog.

Otherwise, listen and learn!

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