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CGP Ep28 Coaching Tips for Training 3 Generations of Clients

coach glass podcast performance coaching what’s new Aug 06, 2014

Here is a guide to things that each age group can do to enhance their ability to move better, feel better and ultimately play better

The most important thing to do with a junior is to play as many sports and give them as many movement experiences as possible.

If you were to watch us working with our juniors at The Tour Performance LAB you would see them sprinting, jumping, punching, kicking, batting, throwing, spinning and rolling.

What do all these things have to do with golf? Everything! Rotational sports all have the same movement patterning, power source and basic sequencing.

The longest hitters on the PGA Tour all played sports like baseball, hockey, tennis and soccer. The sport skills learnt in one sport have direct transfer of sport skill to the game of golf.

The number one question I get asked on the Coach Glass Podcast is what is my favorite exercise. My answer is always the same. The deadlift! The deadlift is the best way to develop glute strength and lower body power. Some people fear the deadlift because it has the word dead in it. It is actually a very safe exercise for those of you who have good hip hinge and can touch their toes.Strength training that reverses the effects of sedentary life or sitting at a desk in front of the computer all day is the priority.

Seniors need to focus on moving better and feeling better to help them play better. For every decade you have been alive you should add 1 day of 20 minute mobility and functional movement training. If you are 70, you need to do it daily while 60 year olds can take a day off! Mobility and functional movement training consists of exercises that improve or maintain functional range of motion in your joints. Stretching, core training and moving in all planes of motion will help keep your joints lubricated and moving better. Try Tai Chi! This is a great exercise technique that is low impact, great for posture and stability. Stand in an athletic stance and pretend your arms are in water. Move the water back and forth using your own body as resistance. You can make the water heavier by isometrically tightening your muscles.

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