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CGP Ep280 Alcoholism vs Heavy Drinking vs Bad Habit with Caddie X

#glisteners coach glass blog coach glass podcast what’s new Mar 13, 2019

 This could be the most important and impactful guest episodes I have ever produced.

I know for a fact that listening to this WILL change either your life or someone you know who may question their habits and want change in their life.

My guest is Caddie X. He is a caddie on the PGATour who is 13 years sober and one of the most honest and real human beings I have ever met. We are blessed to have him on the show today to share his story and provide us with a deeper understanding about the difference between alcoholism, addiction, binge drinking, heavy drinking and unhealthy habits.     

Caddie X was kind enough to invite me to a 12 Step Program meeting the morning after we recorded this episode so I could see first-hand the power of change.

I was blown away by the experience. The lessons learned and stories that were shared in that room made me realize how a powerful and supportive community can change lives. We could all learn from the steps and paths the addict takes toward sobriety.

Addict or not, the tenants of being honest, helping others, being selfless are rules that all of us followed, the world would be a better place.

Understanding that we can only change what we have control over and some things are definitely out of our control and require help from others is a powerful lesson that you are never too old or too smart to learn. 

This episode comes on the heels of my Coach Glass Podcast episode 223 on Breaking Bad Habits where I shared my story of how I changed unhealthy habits in my life.

The outpouring of emails, tweets and messages I received from that episode made me a little uncomfortable, to be honest. I didn’t feel I was in a position to help all the Glisteners that shared their stories of addiction, unhealthy habits and their struggle to overcome their vice.

I sent the episode to Caddie X for some feedback and he reassured me that the episode was spot on. He also agreed to come on the show and share the other side of the story.

The difference between habits and alcoholism. 


If after listening to this episode you realize you need help.

Find a program or contact me and I will connect you to Caddie X who will guide you toward the help you need.


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