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CGP Ep309 Best of Coach Glass Podcast Liam Hennessy

#glisteners coach glass blog coach glass podcast what’s new Oct 09, 2019

This is another episode from my Coach Glass Podcast Best of Series.

Liam Hennessy is one of my mentors that I put on the Mount Rushmore of Performance Coaches. He has helped me in my career through his teachings but even more importantly he has taught me life lessons that are invaluable and I cherish dearly.

A true hedge schoolmaster!

This is one of my favourite episodes to record as we had just completed a LoadXplode Workshop in Ireland at his Setanta College and we recorded the Q&A at the end of the day.

The questions that came in from the amazingly talented coaches and the responses that came from Liam are timeless.

It is a Master Class in coaching. I listen to this episode at least once a year and get something new out of it every time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 


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