CGP Ep353 Impermanence of Coaching

#dreambig #glisteners coach coach glass podcast Aug 20, 2020

Today’s episode is for the Coach.

We discuss how the art of coaching needs to adapt to our rapidly changing profession.

I offer a simple strategy to help you transition your business or coaching style to flourish in the Covid era.

We also go DEEP into the philosophy of Impermanence and how your passion for what you do and the driver behind that passion cannot be created or destroyed.

It can however transform!

I was on the brink of letting my gym go. I felt I had evolved and the time for me to hang up my “Gym Owner” hat was up. I did some deep soul searching to see what the right decision would be. Do I have to have a gym to be a Coach? 99% of my clients are professional athletes who are scattered around the world. I train them in their gym in their city on their dime. Rarely do I ever train them in my gym.

Do I keep it open for my junior athletes or do I pass the baton to my staff?

What happened next may surprise you….


Show references: Book: The Art of Living by Tic Nah Han 

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