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CGP Ep354 Refining Athleticism

#glisteners athlete coach glass blog Aug 26, 2020

Slow it down, speed it up, change direction, add complexity, add resistance, over speed, increase neural load and then do it again!

If you want to refine athleticism you need to challenge yourself in as many ways as possible.

Do it in the gym and see the results on the field of battle.

I always say that you get the best learning or adaptation when you are on the brink of failure.

Not muscle failure but athletic failure.

Ask yourself to be as athletic as possible and be on the brink of wiping out, missing the shot or falling flat on your face.

The challenge will make you adapt into a better, more refined athlete.

Ever notice how the greatest athletes in the world move so efficiently and make the impossible seem easy?

They have refined their movements so they can easily adapt to any situation they face in their sport.

I always say that training for the sport should make the playing of the sport feel like a day off.

You don’t need to go heavier or longer. You need to go more complex and smarter! 

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