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Athlete? Set up your practice schedule, training routine and GO TO WORK!

Business owner? Put in an 8 hour day Monday to Friday and fill each and every minute with work. Hour off? Call your clients who left you, rebrand your social media, film content, do your accounting GO TO WORK!

Out of work?

GET A JOB AND GO TO WORK! Nobody is hiring? Put in an 8 hour day Monday to Friday searching for someone who is hiring. That is your new job. Your new job is getting a job and then, GO TO WORK!

“It's easy for you to say, Jay!”

Yes, it is.

Do you know why? Because each day I get up and I … get the ideas.



We are about to fire up the High TripleXity Squad again. The first version was a HUGE success.

You follow along with the High TripleXity 8 Week Training Program and then each week I take your videos and break them down. Technique, Cues, Tips and a community of badasses are all ready to Explode!

Huge thanks to our sponsors @performbetter for hosting 67 FREE educational seminars all summer in their #SummerSummitSeries 

Use discount code: GLASS15 for 15% off your purchases.

And @mytpi for providing online certification options all through 2020 to help you get the education you need to be the best professional in the biz!

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