CGP Ep356 Jocks vs Nerds

#dreambig #glisteners athlete coach glass podcast Sep 10, 2020

This is a weird one. Not for everyone but to the long time Glisteners it could be a classic.

We break down the battle between Jocks and Nerds.

We explore this age-old battle through my own personal experiences and stories.

High school and college were formative years for me and as I reflect upon them I realize it was all just an experiment in finding one's self.

I was a Jock with a Nerd's heart and have been unravelling the implications of this for the past 25 years!

How do your teenage years determine your life path? Have you ever wondered how you got to where you are at?

This episode may shed some light. Or it may make you want to delete the podcast app and throw away your Coach Glass Podcast shirt! 


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