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CGP Ep360 The Best of My Mentors | Mike Boyle

#glisteners coach glass blog coach glass podcast Oct 08, 2020

Mike will cringe when he reads this but the fact is, he is a mentor of mine and has been a huge influence on the strength coach and Perform Better presenter I have become today!

I will never forget the day I was introduced to his book Functional Training for Sports.

It defined a generation of strength coaches and personal trainers who saw their clients as athletes and adapted their training techniques to challenge them in an athletic, multi-plane, multi-jointed manner that is now the norm in athletic conditioning programs.

As a speaker, Mike gave me sage advice before my first Perform Better that I still use to this day almost 10 years later.

In this Best Of Mentors episode, Mike opens up and shares with us all some life lessons that will once again guide me through the next phase of my growth as a coach, presenter and family man! Enjoy! 


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