CGP Ep363 Coach Corey Taylor

#glisteners coach coach glass podcast Oct 28, 2020

Coach Corey Taylor @coach_ctaylor is my kind of coach.

Smart, old school, over-delivers, and connects with his athletes.

CT goes deep with his players regardless of what level they are at. Whether it's preparing them for the NFL, MLB, PGATour or high school athletics, this man gets results!

After playing in the NFL CT decided to take his drive for success to the gym floor and never looked back. People say those who can’t... coach but in this case, CT can talk the talk and walk the walk with the best of them.

@Perform_better speaker and creator of the digital download speed development program FOOTWORK 

In this episode, we go DEEP into the softer side of coaching and how to squeeze every ounce of performance out of our athletes.

It's a MUST-LISTEN epic episode. Enjoy! 


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