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CGP Ep366 Coach Don Fleming

#glisteners coach glass blog coach glass podcast Nov 18, 2020

Coach Don Fleming is the man that inspired me to be the coach I am today. I was extremely lucky to have Coach Fleming at a time in my life when I was figuring out the world and how I could fit in it.

He was my Richmond Hill High School PhysEd instructor and coached me in basketball, lacrosse and life!

It is truly a bucket list item checked off to be able to share with my mentor what an impact he had on my life.

We talk about old school coaching, empowering athletes, teaching the hard lessons and leading by example.  

Don taught his students that respect is something earned and how to be a man in the face of adversity.

I truly believe the world would be a better place if every kid had a coach like Don to guide them through the vulnerable high school years.

We also discuss life after coaching and how you never lose your competitive edge even after the body won’t allow you to enjoy some of your favourite pastimes.

A life of contact sports and training can be hard on the body but what it adds to the heart and mind makes it worth all the aches and pains.

Hope you enjoy my conversation with Coach Don Flash Fleming as much as I did! 


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