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CGP Ep367 Recipe for Success

#dreambig #glisteners coach glass podcast Nov 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America.

Thanksgiving symbolizes the act of giving thanks for the harvest you reap and sharing it with those you care about. You only reap what you sow or so they say. Soooo…if you want to have a good harvest next year you have to sow your field today.

Now I know I'm sounding a little old in the tooth right now but the message couldn’t be more valid in these trying times. What can you do today that will reap a bountiful harvest a year from now?

“YoJay I'm just trying to survive here! All I harvested this year was a steaming pile of 2020!”

If this has been a reset period for you you need to look at the recipe that got you where you are at today. Wanna make the same crappy cookie that goes stale because no one is eating them or do you want to try making something fresh and new?

If 2020 was a speed bump that is just slowing down your progress but the destination still remains the same, this is a perfect time to check on your ingredients and make sure they aren’t expiring. 

I always say….(Actually this is the first time I'm saying this), There are 3 types of entrepreneurs:

1. You have a recipe for success but lack the ingredients (skills) to make it.

2. You have amazing ingredients but don’t know how to put them together into a tasty dish.

3. You have the perfect recipe and all the ingredients but lack the timing and execution to get it to the table. 

In this episode, we look at the process of creating the perfect recipe.

We like to call it your DreamBIG!


Having a DreamBIG is like having a craving for your favourite dish from your favourite restaurant. Once you get it in your head you can't stop thinking about it. You want it so bad you can almost taste it. It takes over your entire thought process and no matter what you eat in its place your appetite is never satisfied.

Your DreamBIG is the same.

You can accomplish other things, get an opportunity here and there but you will never be truly happy till your DreamBIG is fulfilled.

I use to go to this New York Style Pizza place called Nat’s in Kitsalano Vancouver. I would order their 1/2 order of spaghetti bolognas with side salad every week when I was in the neighbourhood. I was obsessed with the flavour of the red sauce and the salad was perfectly seasoned every time. I would peer over the counter into the kitchen in the hopes that I would see what kind of tomatoes they used in their sauce. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t create the colour or flavour of this rich and tangy sauce. I would ask the owner Frank a question each week about how he made the sauce or how much oregano he used in the salad. No matter how much information I had I still could not recreate the flavours.

Right now may not be the time for you to be launching your DreamBIG. There are bigger fish to fry with the stresses and unknown that is in the world today. But that doesn’t mean that you cant start to pick out the recipe for your DreamBIG.

The recipe is a list of all the things you will need to create your desired outcome. The more detail your recipe has the better chance you have at creating exactly what you want to accomplish. But what if you have the perfect precise recipe for a kick-ass life but don’t have all the ingredients? Or you have all the ingredients but your recipe is flawed.

Even if you have the right recipe and all the ingredients you can still screw it up. How is this possible. You still need the right technique and a bit of luck for a perfect outcome!

This is why I created my Mentorship 9 years ago. I saw way too many professionals with incredible ingredients but they were missing a recipe that would utilize each ingredient to its fullest. Others had a recipe that they copied off someone else who had success with it but they were missing a few key ingredients to yield the same end result.

Finally, there were the frustrated ones who worked hard to gather their ingredients, had the recipe in detail but failed at the execution due to poor technique or bad timing.

You can practice making gravy 100 times and maybe perfect it or you could speed up the process and ask Grandma to show you how she does it.

That is Mentorship!

The more often you test your systems, master your skills and tweak your delivery, the closer you will get to your DreamBIG.

Again this is not the time to launch your DreamBIG to the world. But it is a great time to test and tinker with all the tangibles that make up your DreamBIG so when your opportunity does come and the timing is right you are ready to launch.

It's like practising making Thanksgiving turkey in August as you prepare for the family coming to your home in November!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 


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