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CGP Ep370 Dr Emily Splichal

#glisteners coach glass blog coach glass podcast Dec 17, 2020

Dr Emily Splichal @dremilydpm is one of the world's leading experts in enhancing performance through barefoot science.

This makes for a rather stimulating conversation between Emily and the Coach!

In this episode, they go DEEP into neuroscience, mechanoreceptors, balance training, motor and sensory homunculus, and everything that connects the nervous system to performance.

Dr. Emily and her team developed the Naboso product line that is designed to stimulate and enhance movement by utilizing the bodies ability to respond to its external world.

But wait we go even DEEPER than that!

We go to the intrinsic side of sensory stimulus. Just listen to the episode and it will all make sense.

Ohhh and we discuss how you can get more information about Dr. Emily's techniques and discounts on her amazing products: Naboso Products 

Your code word for 10% off  is GLASS,

Education Company EBFA  and her personal Podiatry Practice www.dremilysplichal


Audio Podcast:

YouTube Version for those of you who enjoy video:


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