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CGP Ep372 New Year’s Solution for your Resolution

#dreambig #glisteners coach glass podcast what’s new Dec 30, 2020

If you know the Coach you will know that I HATE New Year’s resolutions.

The thought of starting something new on the first day of the new year is silly.

If this thing that you are committing to was so important you would have started it a long time ago!

I have a better idea for you for 2021. 

I know a lot of you are carrying anger and disappointment with you from 2020. Just seeing the number 2020 gets the blood boiling.

On New Year’s Eve, you will have people on social media or 6 feet away from you at your new Year’s outdoor gathering yelling “&$%#@ 2020!!!!” 

Don’t put so much energy into it! I have a better idea for you for 2021.



I want you to do something different this year. I want you to do a little exercise that I use and share with my athletes and mentorees.

Instead of spending the last day of 2020 thinking about what you want to change, I want you to do the opposite. I want you to think about all the things you want to continue. I want you to write down all the positive things you did in 2020. I want a list of the habits and actions that you want to carry into 2021.

Did you survive the worst pandemic of your lifetime? Didn’t it take some strength, insight, fortitude and willingness to push through the unknown? Did you have some moments when you questioned who you were, what you are doing in life and where you are going?

What kind of person does this?


Did you pull yourself up by the bootstraps after a month of wearing pyjamas till noon? Did you resist the urge to buy all the toilet paper from Costco and open up a FB Marketplace Wipe Boutique? Did you help someone who was struggling understand that this is a tough time but it’s not forever? Did you find a way to change the way you work to keep the lights on? Did you figure out how to unmute yourself on Zoom calls? Did you adapt to an ever-changing world that adjusted the rules right after you adjusted your business for the 3rd time? 

Write down 5 things you did in 2020 that you want to carry forward in 2021.

The key to making them successful is to focus on the act, not the completion.

If you want to lose weight don’t say “I want to lose 10lbs” as you will either do it and quit once you got you there or you will fail and quit to celebrate (you deserve it).

Instead, write down something you would like to incorporate that will lead to losing 10lbs like “eating foods that make me feel good.”


To help you out I will share 5 things that I will carry forward: 

1. I will walk in the woods for my mental health as often as possible. Oxygen Mask! 

2. I will travel less for work and more for enjoyment. 

3. I will continue to refine my ability to mentor as it is what brings me the most joy. 

4. I will write more comedy and worry less about the hierarchy and more about the laughs. 

5. I will inspire more people to their personal greatness by helping them expose their golden nugget. 

You may find yourself writing an item on the list and a voice pops up in the back of your mind that says, “No you didn’t. You wish you were that nice! You only helped one old lady across the street because you were using her as a human shield!”

If you have an item that you wanted to add to the list but honestly just couldn’t… I want you to write it below.

This is the person who you would like to be but didn’t fully execute on in 2020.


Write 3 habits or actions that the person you wish you could have been performed.

1. I want to be the type of person who is happy within themselves and doesn’t need others approval to feel validated.

2. I want to be the type of person who says yes first instead of instantly trying to find a reason to say no. 

3. I want to be the type of person who values quality over quantity when it comes to others reactions to your work. 

What do your 3 look like?

Write them out!

Let them sit on the page in your notebook or page one of your 2021 checklist notepad.

DON'T make them a New Year’s Resolution.

Just let them sit there and tell yourself that those items won't appear on the same list next year. Then let your actions and habits remove them naturally throughout the year. 

Happy New Year everyone. I wish you all health and happiness in 2021. It is a year of challenges both outside and in. Tackle them with enthusiasm and a lust for life! Cheers Everyone. 

Coach Glass

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