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CGP Ep393 What SUP Balance?

#glisteners coach glass podcast May 19, 2021

Hey, what SUP Glisteners? I'll tell you what SUP. Balance!

In today's episode, I share my experience with Stand Up Paddle Boarding and what it taught me about balance.

Balance and proprioception are one of the primary pillars of performance. It is something we often just assume that everyone has. Until of course, they don't.

I am blown away by how many top athletes struggle with balance and pleased to see the performance gains we get from focussing on it.

I have a Mentorship graduate @drjamesspencer who has made it his life's mission to enhance lives through balance and hope to have him on the show in the coming weeks. But till then you get the Coach in the raw and my take on balance.

We go DEEP into neurology and how the body responds to stimuli in its environment.

If you want to come along for the ride, grab a paddle and let's go!


I want to give special thanks to all the sponsors for their continued support of the show. Perform Better @perform_better use code “GLASS15” at checkout to buy your Mace, Kettlebells, and Bands. 

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Without them, I wouldn’t be able to afford the time and produce the podcast to the level we do each and every week.

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