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CGP Ep396 Balance with Dr James Spencer

#glisteners coach coach glass podcast Jun 09, 2021

We have discussed balance numerous times on this podcast but not like this! I thought it was time to bring someone on the show who is so passionate about balance, that he has dedicated his life to the subject!

Dr James Spencer @DrJamesSpencer is creating a MOVEment movement. His brand The Bearded Kettlebell inspires, educates and challenges his community to improve their life through balance training and movement.

In this episode, Dr Spencer and I go DEEP into balance training, neuromuscular training and the science of keeping your COM over your COG! We also chat about his experience in coaching equestrian and golf athletes and our common love for extreme sports and everything that makes you feel RAD!


I want to give special thanks to all the sponsors for their continued support of the show. Perform Better @perform_better use code “GLASS15” at checkout to buy your Mace, Kettlebells, and Bands. 

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Without them, I wouldn’t be able to afford the time and produce the podcast to the level we do each and every week.

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