CGP Ep414 Comedy of Errors Leads to Success

#dreambig #glisteners #yojay coach glass podcast Oct 13, 2021

I love it when people ask me how I became a stand up comic? The same way I became a collegiate athlete and an entrepreneur! Mix passion, consistent unmatched work ethic with a set of cojones and you have all the ingredients to accomplish pretty much anything in life. The cool thing is that all of these ingredients are inside you.

If you REALLY want something bad enough (passion) you will find the energy and willpower to get the work done (work ethic) and over time, small victories build confidence in your abilities (cojones). The key is to keep getting up after you get knocked down.

In comedy, the blows come hard and often. Open mics are probably the most hostile environments you could ever volunteer yourself to be put in. Any other endeavour of excellence has stages of development that allow you to have early success in a supported safe environment.

Open mics on the other hand are filled with nervous, self-centred, narcissists who want to see you fail so they feel better about themselves. As soon as they get off stage they leave the club to lick their wounds in privacy. If you have a late spot you may be doling out your shit and dick jokes to the last 3 drunks left in the room. Then you would go home and cry yourself to sleep, wiping tears away with pages from your failed joke book.

Could you imagine if you wanted to be a pro basketball player and they threw you into an NBA game and they let you take your beatings, blocked shots and bricks in front of a sold-out crowd? No, you start in the recreational house leagues and move up through the ranks as your skills progress.

Can you imagine failing as an entrepreneur every week for 7 years before you make your first dollar? If this is how the world worked there would be no entrepreneurs or professional athletes. Any sane person would quit!

The key is to push your limits with the support of those you trust. That is exactly what my Mentorship family does for each other. They create a space where each member can be challenged and supported on their journey toward their #DreamBIG.

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In this episode, I also chat about getting a Peloton and how it pushes my comfort zone 30 minutes at a time. Have you got a Peloton? If you do let's go for a ride! Use #coachglasspodcast and let's get the Glisteners Nation spinning.

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