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CGP Ep416 Squid Games

#dreambig coach glass podcast Oct 27, 2021

**Spoiler Alert** You don't have to watch the Squid Games, to learn from the Squid Games.

Today we do a deep dive into the underlying theme of the record-breaking Squid Games Netflix series.

It is all about the human condition. At the deepest level, we are simply organisms fighting for survival. Luckily for most of us, we live in a bubble-wrapped world where our food, shelter and basic needs are readily accessible.

That doesn't mean that our survival mechanism is lost. It is just hiding deep inside our reptile brain. When released, this survival mechanism is expressed in the rawest form. The best and worst inside us is revealed. This is what makes the Squid Games so riveting.

What would you do if you were faced with a life and death decision that would determine whether you or your competitor continues in the game of life? Die with honour or live with the pain of knowing that you took the life of another?

Luckily in business and sport, it isn't life or death. But somehow we are faced with the same decisions. Which one do you choose? 


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