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CGP Ep419 Modern Fitness Pro Coaching Model

#glisteners #yojay coach coach glass podcast Nov 17, 2021

Fitness pros!

Have you ever had someone walk in your gym and say," I am looking for some mental fortitude, grit and self-belief!"?

I thought not. It's the complete opposite.

"I want to lose 10lbs, get stronger and improve my overall health!", They say they want physiological change but the most valuable thing they can leave with is psychological growth.

Many of them don't consciously realize the change that has taken place, and unfortunately neither do their trainers. Wake up, people! It's not about the body. If you change your mind, the body will follow.

If you only change the body it will try to return to its original form as the mind seeks homeostasis.

This is why the focus for this episode is on the psychological aspect of coaching.

Some of you are great at this and don't know why, others think you are mental masters and massively miss the mark.

There is an art to quality coaching communication skills that you can develop.

It starts with an intention to improve your abilities to communicate and understand how your clients receive information.

Now let's get down to the NITTY GRITTY!

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