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coach glass podcast Nov 24, 2021

In today's fast-paced, sound-bite while walking out the door world we live in, you make some huge presumptions.

We presume that we only need to know the quote, see the video or hear just the gist to create an opinion. It is an Instagram thread of stories and images fire-hosed to the back of the dome each and every day!

What is the back story?

Nobody got time for that! What context was it created and what was the intention behind its creation?

If you walked past the open door of my gym and saw 3 reps of 1 exercise that I was doing with a specific athlete with unique needs, could you make an opinion on me as a coach?

Now that sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But you can make assumptions about my age, gender, education, social status and how I like my coffee by scrolling through my social media?

I heard a great mathematical equation that explains the value of the things we consume. An Instagram post takes 1 to 3minutes to create and 1-30seconds to absorb. A blog post takes 5 hours to research and write and 15-30 minutes to read. A book takes 2-5 years to write and 4 hours to read. If you invest 4 hours of your life to a specific topic in a book form you will gain insight into 5 years of research and development of the thoughts shared in it.

If you invest the same 4 hours into social media you will get 480 plus grains of obscure thoughts that your brain needs to blend together to connect the dots and gain insight.

It's the difference between a year of Pornhub compared to a relationship with a real potential soulmate. I'll take love over emptiness and depth over superficial scrolling every time.

In this EPIC episode, we go DEEEP into this topic and I share how the right training philosophy is only right in the right moment with the right population for the right purpose. Unfortunately, it often is not! And that is not right.

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