CGP Ep426 Adaptation

#glisteners coach glass podcast Jan 05, 2022

Adaptation occurs when you are at the brink of failure but find a way to succeed.

This phenomenon occurs in physical training and mental development. You need to get uncomfortable.

In strength training, there are 2 camps.

One says train with perfect form, stay in the sagittal, frontal and transverse plane and stay in control.

The other camp says to train in vulnerable positions so the athlete can handle any challenge that comes their way.

Which camp do I pitch my tent in?

I feel the detrained or novice athlete needs to live in Camp 1 where load and physiological stress illicit adaptation in the nervous system and musculo-tendon-ligamentus tissues.

At some point, your load just won't cut it or the benefits start to move away from the intended adaptation.

The same can be said mentally. You need to get uncomfortable.

In this episode, I go into these concepts and so much more. Both physical and mental aspects of training in vulnerability.

Listen and learn!


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