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CGP Ep427 Meditation 101

#dreambig coach glass podcast Jan 14, 2022

Kumbayaaahhhhhh! Ommmmmm!

Okay we just weeded out the non mediators.

Now we can get into the Nitty Gritty!

In this episode we go DEEEP into the seemingly endless different types of meditation.

Each has their own unique feeling, flavour and technique.

But in the end they all do the same thing.

Bring you closer to being a better version of you.

Shall we list the various styles of meditation shared in this episode?


Well I already wrote them out, pressed "copy" and about to press "paste" so too bad....Enjoy!

Breathing, Body Scan, Mindfulness, Meta-Love for Others, Mantra, Spiritual- Prayer, Visualization,Present Moment, TM- 20min x 2, Chakrah, Yoga, and Open Eye.

These are just a few common ones and a couple I made up the name of because I didn't have time to look them up... you know...with all the meditating I am doing!

Just assume the position, close your eyes and listen.

Then share, rate and review!


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