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CGP Ep428 Coming Out...of the Off Season

#glisteners #yojay coach glass podcast Jan 23, 2022

We have talked extensively about off season training on this podcast.

In this episode we go DEEP into what I think is the most important part of off season training.

Coming out of it!

You started the off season with clear goals and expectations. You focus on the recipe that will help you create the desired outcomes after you bake it in the gym for 6-8 weeks.

The problem is, during the later part of your off season you forget what brought you to this recipe in the first place.

You were hungry!

Hungry for change. Many of you neglect to take the time to taste the results at the end of the off season. Without re-testing, how will you ever know if your recipe stands up to your performance palate standards?

Some of you do re-test but moved the goal posts or change what you are measuring.

I just got home from the @pgatour @theamexgolf where we got to do exactly that.

Re-test to see the fruits of our labour.

What was the result you ask?

An average of 4 mph club head speed. Recipe is tasting pretty good.

Now we go back to the test kitchen and develop a new compound based on the the success of this winter break!

I also share a story about challenging my players to competitive battles that I have no business winning.



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