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CGP Ep430 ReFrame Mental Health O2Mask

what’s new Feb 05, 2022

Mental Health is one of the most important issues facing the human race today.

Obesity, racism, violent crime, substance abuse and suicide can all be linked to mental health.

Somehow all the aforementioned topics are open for conversation but mental health is still this topic we tend to shy away from.

If anything, it should be THE topic as it is the source of all the other issues.

Many people feel weak or ashamed to ask for help.

I have always said that the strongest thing you can do is to acknowledge your weakness and work on them.

In Canada we have Bell Let's Talk Day on Jan 26th to bring awareness to mental health.

I think everyday is a Let's Talk Day.

In this episode I share some thoughts on how to identify and reframe your life so that you can start the process of healing.

It's like a workout for your soul!



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