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CGP Ep431 Sacrifice

#dreambig #glisteners #yojay coach glass podcast Feb 12, 2022

The Ying Yang of life states that with every positive there is a negative.

If you want to achieve anything big, it will come with great sacrifice.

I always talk about creating your DreamBIG.

A dream so big that the thought of it coming true raises the hair on your arms.

The question is...what are you willing to sacrifice to get it?

There are countless stories of entrepreneurs who have a dream to be rich, famous and successful. Once they achieve this dream they are left lonely and unfulfilled.

In their wake is divorce, isolation and broken relationships.

Their sole focus was on the prize as they neglected to consider what it would take to get it.

I find this phenomenon in the "GRIND" community.

You have to get up at 4am and workout before the world wakes up... GRIND!!! Leaving your partner to wake up to an empty bed.

You have to work 12 to 15 hour days... GRIND!!! Leaving your family eating dinner every night without you.

You have to cut people out of your life that are holding you back from achieving your goals... GRIND!!! You give up on friends and family leaving you with no one in your corner to enjoy the fruits of your labour with.

In my Mentor ship we dive DEEP into this topic when designing our DreamBIGs.

We figure out what is driving us to want the DreamBIG and ensure that it is coming from the right place.

We measure the sacrifices that are needed to execute the work that is required to accomplish this dream.

Lastly we design a DreamBIG that not only will be fulfilling but will enhance your life and those around us in the process.

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