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CGP Ep432 Speed Protocols 2022

#dreambig #glisteners #yojay coach glass podcast Feb 17, 2022

Everyone wants more speed. I have lectured for over a decade on rotational power as it was the hot topic on the sport performance circuit.

Now it is all about speed.

These 2 topics are basically talking about the same thing.

Where we focus the lens may change but it is still about hitting the ball farther.

Kinematic sequencing, ground reaction force, rotational plyometrics, neuromuscular training or all-out power.

Pick your poison and then jump into the rabbit hole with both feet!

In this episode, I share my philosophy on speed training and the tools I use to activate the athlete and measure the speed they produce.

I also debate the various training protocols that are quickly becoming the doctrine. Do you even need the heavy club if you are training properly?

Do you go light to heavy or heavy to light? How many reps is too much? If I can't stand on my soapbox and put my 2 cents in...why do I have a microphone?

All the protocols I share from each organization work. You can try them all and let me know which one works best for you! If you want to get in the speed game I have some nice discounts for you.

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